Johnny Won’t Play With Billy

A favorite tactic employed by the left is a combination of shame and peer pressure. The authoritarian alt-right also uses this combination, which boils down to “Johnny won’t play with Billy, so Johnny’s bad.” It is honestly no more complicated than that.

The left is interested in driving people to Dependency Mansion, a Potemkin village where people subsist on the government for every need and desire, like helpless pets. To do this, the populace must be whipped along by shame and fear, thus Johnny and Billy.

The alt-right is cruder and stupider, but they too use the same tactic. If you don’t bow down to Ceaser and give up all your ability to think and choose morally, then you are a loser, a cuck, etc. Johnny is bad.

I find it curious how shriven of emotive and rational force this argument is; it is a cudgel. It is completely ineffective to beat your opponents with a stick day after day after day. Worse, it whispers of the darkest expressions of human power – master to slave. Yet this behavior continues. I really have to wonder about the souls of people involved in politics, even at its periphery. Do all they want to do is boss other people around? How many of them suffer from unresolved childhood neurosees?

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