Attacking Christians for Being Christians

I was reading an article in the Atlantic where I noticed one of their typical scare headlines, that a nation-wide Christian ministry was going to fire employees engaged in homosexual relationships. Apparently it is news to the left that Christians act like Christians. Perhaps they have a case of the vapors and need some smelling salts? Hurry, get Mildred St. Liberal some air! She’s just heard that Christians STILL haven’t swallowed a liberal rewrite of the Bible! News at eleven! Breaking!

If the left did not exist, it would need to be invented for comedic relief. How self-important and self-obsessed do you have to be to push lies about people and then be amazed that people don’t believe the calumnies about them? Is it newsworthy that gold does not become lead by popular vote? That people who are “in the world, not of the world” in fact are “not of the world?”

History only moves forward by those who refuse to conform.

I think we have already reached the point of maximum gayosity, though. I was checking out an online record store the other day and came across a group called “Everybody’s Gay”. Apparently we were all doing men up the butt or engaging in lesbian intercourse and we didn’t know it, or someone is using the word so broadly that it has become meaningless. What does it say about your movement when you define it to include everyone, including people who have no interest in it, and those who are resolutely opposed to it? It means that you have reached the end of the line; your power is at the apex and what comes next is the descent.

And in the descent you run laughable scare headlines and proclaim that everyone suffers from same-sex disorder, even though you know that neither one of these is the truth. Then again, when your experience is a lie built upon a lie (see Matthew Sheppard for instance), what difference do a few more lies make? They only make the difference between a muted tolerance and outright self-parody. Nevermind. All evidence of opposition is fuel for the cause, the cause that includes everyone.

Watching the left self-destruct is not without its comedic value.

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