Upgrade or Die

Another day, and another essential upgrade. Essential to what? If I don’t board the tech train to HappyShinyFunNow town, then what? Will my life be over? Stuff your hype.

Air is essential. Food is essential. Water is essential. God is essential. Tech is not essential.

Maybe that is why the tech press, like the entertainment press, must paint everying in neon colors? At some point, I think they recognize that they are completely unnecessary. Thus, to motivate people, they must make things larger than life and more urgent than now. I’m tired of being told there’s an emergency every day and that I need to consume or use something else not because it has value to me, not because it is better, not because it allows me to do new things, but just because. Tech has long moved away from the prospect of value to the prospect of entertainment. More emojis now! Yay!

I am sick to death of the pop culture of tech, of fashion leading the blind into a kaledioscope of change for the sake of change. Why not just apply rhinestones to your UI or come out with the skinny jeans upgrade so that the rot can be made crystal clear? Stuff the hype.

Tech cheerleaders/prostitutes salivating for the latest shiny drug injected into their eyes hectoring the reticent to participate in their servile addictions; I will live free, free of the constant need to consume or upgrade.

Stuff the hype.

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