The Apostasy of Relevant Magazine

One of the secrets in names is that they reveal what their owners seek to conceal. Thus, “Great Burgers, Inc.” probably sells cut-rate burgers; “Jim’s Fair Auto Loans” is probably the sleaze capital of the Midwest, and Relevant magazine is probably a trendy PC mag that thinks itself important. Sure enough, it is a magazine that pretends to be about the gospel and spends its time chasing social justice fads. It is completely irrelevant, but desperately wants to appear sagacious.

If Satan is the father of lies, and those who lie speak his language, then what are Christians who purposefully lie? What Christian purposefully plants his head in the sand and refuses to seek out truth? What Christian peddles statements without researching them? I think the answer is clear – someone who is not really interested in the truth.

Liberal Christianity is obsessed with social justice to the point of disregarding individual salvation and the sovereignty of God. Like certain presidents we know, Jesus is tangential to these practitioners’ “Christian” faith. What they are about is looking cool before their PC friends. They believe every excuse, every lie, every bit of street theatre that the ghetto cooks up, because they are desperate to demonstrate they are not racist. They operate out of fear, not out of courage.

The Relevant writers lie about the nature of BLM. They are blind to its terror. They ignore its calls to murder cops. They write off crime stats as bias. They excuse and defend criminal behavior. They presume guilt where there is innocence, and innocence where guilt is demonstrated. In short, they call good evil, and evil, good.

The ghetto is a nexus of failed thinking. It is populated by people who are trying to get out and those who want to keep it going by persisting in immorality and ignorance. To stand far off and declare ghetto culture good does a grave disservice to everyone touched by that blight. It tells the young that there is no hope, for the outside world thinks of what they have – crack houses, welfare pimps, gangs, poverty – as just a different kind of suburb. It tells the residents that the outside world is perfectly content with them dying young and often. It tells them that Christianity is merely a tool for self-righteous displays.

I could scream, “Come and learn the effects of your bigotry – your bigotry of low expectations! Come and treat the black ghetto man like an equal instead of whitewashing his errors!” Will they ever treat their objects of mercy as equals? I doubt it. Without the poor as objects of constant pity, the liberal Christian has no-one to demonstrate his mercy to, and thus, no way to gain status. These people are the same ones who instead of challenging the homeless to achieve and no longer be homeless, told them that sleeping on the park benches in urine-drenched clothes was ok! After all, their reasoning goes, the public is completely fine with being deprived of the use of park benches! Yet it was the public who paid for and built the park in order to be enjoyed by all, not despoiled by a few.

They normalize evil instead of confronting it. Instead of loving the sinner and hating the sin, they love the sin and thus hate the sinner. For all their mercy, they have no courage to speak the truth to the abject, and that cowardice strands the suffering in their struggle. That this keeps the poor in poverty and on the other side of town from themselves are just convenient consequences.

Only in this psuedo-Christian paradise are the hurting and the broken and the sick told that they were normal instead of being treated. Shut down the asylums and let the mad run free! They’ll never molest children or attack people or buy drugs or panhandle! If they do, we’ll just cope and tell them that they’re ok and we’re the guilty ones! Only here are murderers, robbers, and drug-peddlers told that they are law-abiding and moral citizens. Gentle giant! Hands up, don’t shoot! Among the stench of weed and decaying infant flesh, Relevant magazine and its fellow travelers are sitting around a dumpster fire drinking purple drank and dreaming of joining BLM.

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One Response to The Apostasy of Relevant Magazine

  1. Jona says:

    Everyone loves it whenever people come together and share opinions.

    Great site, stick with it!


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