They Bought His Silence

I didn’t have the heart to watch Ted Cruz speak at the Texas Tribune festival, but I did read the tweets. First off, while I am disappointed in his endorsement, he is correct in that he never said never. There’s no position that he’s backtracking. However, I will say this – he certainly lost a lot of authority, freedom, and character by endorsing. That made me think. Why now? Why did Trump’s team talk to Cruz, seek him out, and make him promises to secure his endorsement?

Sure, it could be the usual junior-high alt-right thinking, that they had him in a double bind, and now they can gloat over Trump dominating another man. Some people will see and understand only that.

However, there is a larger sickness at work here – it is an organized evil. Think about McConnell and his history. He was in charge of the Mississippi fiasco, which caused Cruz to leave the Senate Conservative group heading it up. McConnell, by pulling Rand Paul close to him, effectively neutralized Paul as a threat. He hasn’t touched Lee, but Lee hasn’t been a presidential candidate either. See what I mean? The gears were going far before the primary, and the objective was to take out the conservative opposition. It was NEVER about stopping Trump. In an divided field, fringe candidates can win, especially when they’re being cheered from those who want to see the modern equivalent of the Roman games every four years. The GOPe was successful. Since they are liberals, what do they care if the GOP burns down? They can just jump parties with little loss of face. The goal is and was and will ever be to prevent conservatives from getting into power, because when that happens, they shrink the government and people realize they can do things on their own, and that reveals the GOPe and the Dems as the unnecessary men that they really are. That means they lose power, money, and prestige. Therefore conservatives must be stopped at all costs.

If they cannot be coerced, then they must be attacked. If that does not work, then at last, they must be bought. For the RNC and the Trump campaign, the endorsement of Trump bought Ted’s silence. Read the tweets and see just how hemmed in he is. He cannot inveigh against the serial philanderer, and yet, he cannot praise him. All he can do is tepidly endorse the man and regurgitate what he says he will do. They removed someone who spoke with authority, power, and honesty and ensured that he, like Perry, is still on the plantation.

If we are not careful, we will be in the same situation, because the organizational evil of the RNC is just one example of how evil in the large works. It can only thrive when no-one opposes it, when no-one speaks against it. If we first oppose it, then allow it to dry up our words, to censor what we say, then in the end, it has won. Every totalitarian system works the same way. Every cult works the same way.

We must be obdurate.

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One Response to They Bought His Silence

  1. Will says:

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!


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