Elevation of the Idiot

Why has the idiot been elevated as a reputable source in society? Look at the news, for instance. Take a field that you know and examine the reporting on it – it is always horrible, with only occasional flecks of mediocrity. Yet those outside the field regard the blathering idiots as reputable sources.

The same people think people paid millions for their singing or athletic ability have insights more trustworthy and true than their neighbors or themselves when it comes to politics. Why would they? They are busy doing Krav Maga and Px90 when they’re not butting heads with other overpaid professionals or relaxing in their million-dollar abodes.

If the glut of information available makes the gatekeepers even more important than ever – information guides – then why are the ones that do exist so ignorant? The more popular they are, the less they know, for the popular are adrift in a bubble world of other ignoranti, other people who know as little as they do, while their servants arrange for the money and favors to keep rolling in.

People long for someone to tell the truth, but only if it doesn’t hurt them. So they will become incensed about whatever the liars misinform them about, and never realize that their duplicity paves the way, like dominoes, to an entire country full of lies. If they could stop their increasingly busy lives for one moment and see the untruths around them, whispered in every ear, shouting from every television set, humming through every cellphone and laptop across fibers built for lies, they would see a world drenched in black. But that prospect is too fearsome, too frightening even in minute doses – such have driven men mad – that they plug their ears and check the latest scores instead.

They will be very surprised when reality crumbles from beneath their feet and all that they trusted flakes away like rust as the world hurtles headlong into the next cataclysm.

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