Only if Everyone Else Goes Along

Whenever I hear about a company threatening to pull out of a state unless religious people are forced to hire immoral people, I wonder. How does it harm you, big business, if the people you hate (let’s be honest now) don’t have to hire homosexuals? If they have the freedom to not bring those affected with same sex attraction disorder into their workplace, how does that harm you? Are you really going to take your ball and go home? For once, I would like to see a governor challenge such childishness with something like the following:

“Dear Corporation X, are you saying that your own internal culture is so fragile that you cannot maintain it if others aren’t required to act like you? I suggest that your ability to maintain your own culture is not under threat and would not change in any way, because you are responsible for it, not I.

Do you have the courage to live by your own convictions regardless of others, or is your morality a begrudging one, willing to act only if the law forces you to do so? In the end, you will be responsible for hiring and firing, not me, and not this law. If freedom threatens you, that is a decision that those you fire will long remember, as will all who consider your products. Never say that I forced your hand, or that the legislature is to blame; you can either act with the strength of your own convictions or engage in tit-for-tat political brinksmanship while putting your employees out of work. The choice, as always, is yours.”

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7 Responses to Only if Everyone Else Goes Along

  1. Google is your friend. Find out why your hate and fear is losing out to a more Christian morality than yours- ten minutes’ googling will tell you!


    • Poster says:

      If all you’ve got is telling me to Google, then how much evidence do you really have? I love also how you assume it’s hate and fear that motivates me when you can cite no evidence to support that. Slandering people is easy, though.

      Maybe you can speak to the people that such companies would fire and let them know that they are pawns for intolerant people unwilling to do business in a state that respects the freedom of others. I think they would find that cold comfort.


      • It’s not that I don’t have the evidence, it’s that I find you so boring I cannot be bothered to engage more than minimally. When someone says something completely stupid on WordPress, like your post, I sometimes point out their wrongheadedness, especially when, like you, they drive people from Christ: but what right have you to demand that I educate you?


      • Poster says:

        You’re using name-calling to correct me? Oddly, that does not convince me to change my mind; again, slander is easy. I also enjoy how you fail to address the issues that the post brings up.

        I hold the same right as every conversationalist when someone makes claims. I ask that you support what you say. If you do not, your arguments have as much substance as air. I find this funny too, as if you’d never had someone not prostrate themselves just because you typed something.

        Lastly, for your evidence, you cite your own blog – not Google – so that does undercut your own claims of support there.

        Also you know little of America. That much is evident from your first three lines, which consist of nothing more than recycling what the ignorant left thinks about its fellowmen that it also despises and does not understand. You are thoroughly unconvincing because you are simply not familiar with the people you condemn – Republicans, Evangelicals, Americans, and me.

        Please argue on evidence not on second-hand stereotypes.


      • Aw.

        Poor you.

        Why on Earth should I bother to argue with you? It is not you I need to convince.


      • Poster says:

        *blinks* Whomever you need to convince is probably not someone in another country on the other side of the planet. LOL!


      • You see? After all your bluster, you agree with me!


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