The Internet is a Freak Magnet

Despite the fact that you and I are here, I think we need to recognize that the internet is a freak magnet. Knowing that explains a lot of the behavior that you see online. And it only makes sense, after all – imagine that you were a man or woman of shall we say, particular interests, who lived in small-town USA. How do you connect with others of your persuasion? Classified ads are too hit-and-miss; conventions are rare. However, the internet is always there, blinking like a neon sign in the desert, always on, always ready with its gaping maw. It allows you to find and connect with fellow freaks. As a side benefit, it allows you to organize and so amplify your voice.

Would BLM exist if not for the internet? How about Anonymous? How about various incarnations of the special snowflake brigade? Would homosexual activists or leftists have such power? The internet is a freak amplifier and as such, a reality distorter. Online, the alt-right thinks it is king, because they can swamp any poll. Offline, not so much. Online, SJWs rule the roost; offline, they are beat up in dark alleys. Online, freaks are brave. Offline, they cower.

The Internet is probably the largest safe space imaginable, and so to hear cries that someone said something I didn’t like, so make the bad person go away mommy, are just silly. Click to the next page, please. There are so many places to go online that if you don’t like one, the next one is literally seconds away. And you can even make your own space! If people bother you, block them. Interpersonal problems are relatively easy to solve here.

Perhaps a big problem with the internet is that is draws people who don’t get along with others, people who are not socialized well or well-adjusted. Thus you have unhappy young women hanging out on Tumblr suddenly discovering that they are lesbians. Thus you have 21-page flamewars. Thus you have people issuing death threats to others, and on and on it goes. It would be one thing if people took the whole internet with a grain of salt, or cared about other people, or a few other common sense remedies. However, I don’t see this happening any time soon. Yet until one of these things happen, people who spend their time online will look with squinted eyes out at the real world and declare that it needs to be corrected. It does, but how do they even know what real is, when they spend their waking hours in a collective fantasy populated and driven by professional agitators and ne’er-do-wells? The internet is a derivation from the real world and not the reverse.

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