Pity for Government Programs

How do you know when someone is fundamentally messed up? They grant unliving things characteristics that only living things can benefit from. They are in love with things and care not enough for people. They make idols out of the unliving and bend knees to government programs, or create altars to government itself.

Here is an example.

I find it sad and humorous that this guy, in the process of explaining what is happening to one of Florida’s lesser-known-tribes and their gambling operations, feels the need to try to invoke pity for underfunded government programs.

Apparently it’s a bad, bad thing that some government program somewhere doesn’t have enough cash. Why, imagine what would happen to the beauracrats. They couldn’t get to spend their money on hookers or rent expensive SUVS! God forbid!

Maybe the money that the tribe owes could be used for a better purpose like being refunded to the taxpayers. You know, the taxpayers – the people who are breaking their backs funding your silly government programs?

Here’s another thing. This tribe hasn’t paid federal taxes since the 1980s, and all of us, this whole time, have been affected just how much? I’ve spent all my life unaware of that fact. How have I been harmed? I honestly couldn’t tell you.

He also ignores why has it taken the feds so long to do something about this. Could it be racial favortism? Imagine a collection of asians, whites, hispanics, or even blacks who in a similar situation. I doubt enforcement would take 30+ years, even if they were members of some weirdo religious cult.

It stuns me how people anthromorphize inanimate objects, ignore the real needs of individuals, and fail to see how one group of individuals benefits at the expense of others.

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