Integrity Evaporates Like Steam

The actions of the duplicitous and the deceived in the political realm never cease to weary me. Let’s say that you propose something that makes the situation worse. Instead of admitting fault or failure, you spin it furiously and say that what you proposed as a fix was really only a stopgap measure, that really what we need is something else entirely. Then when that fails, you move the goalposts yet again. Eventually this behavior becomes transparent and people distrust you, because your integrity has evaporated like steam. What you really want are things you cannot say, so instead you lead people down the path of taking a little poison at a time until finally they are dead and you can have everything your way.

In not so many words, liberalism is selfish, duplicitous, and arrogant. Liberals simply do not trust other people to make good decisions, and neither do they trust others to provide acceptable solutions for people to choose. They believe that only the government can make everything right, and so they are the peddlers of both earthly chains and spiritual chains. For if government is your center, where is God? You demand both fealty and a surrender of souls.

In this we see the arrogance. Only liberals know what is best for us. Only government can provide. You are unable to make good decisions and so therefore you must not be allowed to do so. That this contradicts 200+ years of American history is nothing to them. They are able to ignore history as well, because they did not write it nor participate in it. They believe lies and these lies hollow them out, consume them as if they had swallowed bees, delude and destroy them like absinthe.

Knowledge is great, but wisdom is greater still. Without wisdom, people fall prey to prostrating before professors, who are busy sleeping with their interns and poisoning their wives. Wisdom speaks of character, of nobility, to leadership, and they are wise who never let liberals near the levers of power.

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