Playing at Being Heroes

There is a large investment in passive admiration in American society today. People love to watch the Olympics, sports, soaps, movies, cartoons, anime, anything where they can cheer on someone else doing something, while they remain passive and drooling in a comfy seat at home. Their hearts rise and fall in this vicarious pursuit of glory; there is nothing sadder. They stare at screens slack-jawed, motionless, coronating a new round of disposable heroes each year while their muscles atrophy and they rot in place. Dante once wrote of those in the city of Dis as their souls already cast into drawers in the eternally burning city while their bodies were yet alive, and this is the condition of the average citizen, passive and dying.

Beyond this, is the widespread phenomenon of t-shirts, costumes, socks, and other apparel with the emblems of heroes on them. There is nothing more pathetic than seeing babies to youth to old men wearing these emblems. Some might argue that this demonstrates that people read these comics or watch these movies, and this is true to an extent. However, it’s not much of a jump from watching or reading to wishing that you were such a character.

That line is crossed every day in the minds of those who passively consume media, and they are being bred and trained to be only that – consumers of media, not people who act even in their own lives. Stop admiring and start acting! Stop playing at being a hero and be a hero! Captain America earned the right don his costume. What have you done to earn the right to wear a t-shirt with his emblem on it? Nothing! It’s very similar to the people who wear a cross because it looks cool, not because they have accepted the saving work of Christ. Don’t be fake! I would rather see a million people wearing nothing but ordinary clothes but who had made a difference in their lives, than the wildly-attired geeks who knew everything about a very narrow genre.

Character screams; attire whimpers.

Character shouts; clothing murmurs.

Character echoes throughout time and people look at clothes only as curiosity. Everyone can imitate clothing, because that is easy. Everyone can dress like Agent Carter if they wished, but how many can develop the courage that character possesses? Stop draining the shallows and seek the depths!

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