Trump Endorses Amnesty

It’s strange.

I knew this man could not be trusted. I knew he would betray anyone who trusted in him. He had already changed positions on this topic, and this just gives them a wider audience. Despite knowing that, this event gives me no joy. I have no schadefraude – happiness at someone else’s misfortune. All I am left with is a spirit of pleading.

You who dwell in hate, the alt-right, will you listen when the people concerned with character speak? If you support evil, it will turn and bite you.

You who think you have no other choices, do you understand now that you could have always voted for someone else besides Hillary or Trump? Now are those options looking better?

You who put your faith in this man because he wasn’t Hillary, I guess you still have that. However, his policy is the same as the people you opposed in the primary – Rubio and Obama.

You were warned this day would come. A man who has no character will eventually betray you. Even I warned you.

Now that you have lost everything, will you at last listen?

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