The Fall Before the Night

With this, the Trump campaign has hit the bottom. Trying to explain the horrific polls away, they resort to the secret, untapped groups of voters defense. This is such a perversion of the truth that it makes me want to scream.

Yes, the conservative tide breaks late, but the tide only breaks in favor of a conservative candidate. Trump is extremely unpopular among conservatives. Don’t tell me that you haven’t noticed!

Yes, Republicans, conservatives, and pro-freedom people are underrepresented in polls generally, and polls are not necessarily always a good predictor of reality, but can we say with any conviction that the same general truths will remain true for a candidate with the lowest favorables and highest unfavorables in history? I wouldn’t bet a dime on that.

What the Trump cultists have failed to realize is that by supporting such an odious, immoral, nonthinking, vile man that the polls could actually be correct. They assume that the base has no line that can be crossed, but we do. They assume that we will reliably turn out for whomever the nominee is, but we won’t.

In short, if you run a nontraditional campaign, why would you assume that traditional political wisdom is true?

Trump has the backing of the establishment, whom he said that he opposed.

Trump has changed positions so many times, I doubt he himself knows where he stands.

Trump has performed so poorly that Hillary Clinton, under FBI investigation for mishandling national security, and directly responsible for the deaths of four Americans at Benghazi, is winning.

You birthed this monstrosity, Trump cultists. Now you own it. Now you wriggle at the bottom trying to convince yourself that the best candidate ever, with high negatives among his core supporters, needs caches of secret voters to carry him over the line. Why? Even his supporters are too scared to admit supporting him when asked anonymously?

You think you have the silent majority, but all you have is silence.

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