A Line You Cannot Cross

One thing I’ve noticed when interacting with Trump cultists online is that they have no personal ethics to speak of and they browbeat everyone else for having ethics. In other words, there is no political line that Trump can cross that would cause them to halt their support. I honestly believe that many of these folks would end their support only if Trump physically assaulted them, and even then, they might spend the rest of their lives convincing themselves that he did it for the greater good or that he loved them.

All those in the #NeverTrump movement have had a moment where Trump crossed the line, but I think generally the line is crossed when a politician demands that we give up our integrity, morality, or ethics to follow him without question. When any person makes these claims, it is tantamount to an expression of Deity. If I must surrender all I know of right or wrong to support someone for office, you are asking for more than an endorsement. You are asking for what no man has any right to receive. You are asking for something I will never give. All you liberals who think religion and politics must be kept forever separated, where are you now? You might want to look into such demands.

You can emphasize either personality or conviction. The Trump cultists have chosen personality over conviction, as have Hillary’s fans. Neither one of them is voting for anything concrete – only different shades of shadows passing in glass. They vote for something they refuse to see, thinking it will magically birth a profusion of good things. They are self-blinded, and their moral idiocy will instead birth horrors.

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3 Responses to A Line You Cannot Cross

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  2. Stosh says:

    The major argument for the Chumpbots is “It’s not Killary” never a positive position or policy Chump supports for more than a day.

    #SMoD 2016, a few more points in the polls and he earns a podium at the debades..

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