Randomness Made It

Recently, I watched a documentary on the terra cotta army of China, and noted that it was produced by Nova. Nova is noted for its atheist and “scientific” outlook. This outlook is notably incurious about the origin of life and the universe, at least when it comes to determining whom was responsible. Yes, Nova is very interested in the how, but ignores both why and who.

So, back to the documentary. The people exploring the site of the terra cotta army, a site 21 miles in total, were obsessed with finding out who made these figures and why they were made. I looked over at my wife, shrugged, and said, “The answer is obvious. Randomness made it.” We both laughed at such a risible answer, basking in the irony that this documentary was created by people who would have been very satisfied with that answer were the question a greater question.

Perhaps we should have traveled to the dig and accused them of being anti-scientific, demanding that they chant “Randomness made it!” along with us, or that we would get their funding pulled. Would they even understand the divided loyalties of their own philosophy if we did?

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