Knee-jerk Regulation

One of the most enduring comedic things about liberalism is the simple-minded thinking of its adherents. Let’s take white-collar crime for example. Say a company promises investment services to people but rips them off instead. Rather than calling for enforcing the laws and for justice, what does the left do? Complain that there aren’t enough laws and decide that as a result, justice is impossible to achieve. The underlying assumption is that people do evil because there aren’t enough laws to stop them.

Let that sink in.

They really believe that evil men would stop doing what they do if there was a law specifically aimed at the precise action they were considering. Surely then these heartless men would freeze in their tracks, saying, “I can’t do that! There’s a law against that!”

Liberals think this way because they do not understand evil. Evil does not care about laws, no matter their number, and no matter their specificity. Tell me. Do laws against murder prevent killers from striking down their victims? Do laws against rape ward off rapists? Do laws against stealing persuade men to stop stealing?

Obviously, no.

What makes potential criminals think twice is the threat of prosecution, that is, enforcement. Enforcement of law is what strikes terror into their hearts. Sure, getting caught for murder is inconvenient, but not nearly as much as being executed. Only when criminals find the severity of the punishment and its likelihood of enforcement to be high do they rethink their actions.

The number of laws doesn’t stop people, and justice does not depend on having the perfect law. Justice depends on being willing to punish wrongdoers to the full extent of the law, and doing so often enough that it becomes a credible threat. As long as it remains an abstract conceptual or an ocasional slap on the wrist, punishment deters no-one.

And so liberals live in a horror of their own making. They decry crime, excuse the criminal, make the punishments weak, rarely enforce them, and then cry more about the amount of crime.

If you aren’t willing to punish, then you are winking and giving evil men a sly nod. This behavior reveals the empty hole at the heart of liberalism, a stunning lack of empathy. I support laws against rape because I have empathy for the victim. I support laws against murder because I can imagine what it is like to lose someone in that fashion. Liberals do nothing as victims multiply for they have discarded the only tool that works – the speed and severity of just punishment.

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