A Reply to Trump’s Fundraising Letter

Our household recently received a fundraising letter from the self-funding candidate. The irony is inescapable. Here was my level-headed response.

Dear Sir:

I will not be contributing to you for President, nor will I be supporting you. My reasons follow.

First, you claimed to be self-funding. Therefore you have no need of my support.

Second, you claimed to not need the votes of conservatives, and you have never shown that you value what we value.

Third, you have demonstrated little understanding of our system of government.

Fourth, you have insulted, diminished, and demeaned many people whom I regard.

Fifth, you have claimed to be a Christian and then demonstrated no understanding of the faith. Your behavior indicates that you do not know what it means to love others as yourself.

Sixth, you have sullied the race with vile language, racial stereotyping, nonsensical rants, and ceaseless lying.

In these ways you have demonstrated that you are unfit for the office and an embarassment to thinking and moral people. I urge you with all tenderheartedness, to seek spiritual and mental help. You have become a national embarassment.


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2 Responses to A Reply to Trump’s Fundraising Letter

  1. I received something similar in email. My response was a little less coherent, more along the lines of “stop sending me these damned emails, you’re on your own” followed by clicking on the “remove me from the email list” button.

    Great post. Perfect points. Why should we give money to someone who says he doesn’t want us and takes no time to earn our vote? And now says he’s not running against Hillary, but against the media?


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