Upon Negative Feedback Loops

Stunning in its lack of reflection, Matthew Shephard’s article manages to ignore the fact that it was republished in a magazine that is part of his right-wing echo chamber and was first published on a blog that few people have heard of. Reading a little closer, all one finds is that Matthew Shephard is very angry at people who are his intellectual betters, such as Mark Levin. His advice? More of the “woe is me / we are doomed” gloomy old-man grouchiness that has nothing to do with the principles and the fight for liberty. If you’re tired, Matthew, then go home and sleep. Leave the fight to the rest of us.

Of course, this writer celebrates the defeat of Ted Cruz in the recent primaries. Yet, it is clear to me that only someone of such sterling moral character will be able to cut through all the scorn, hate, bias, lies, and general muck thrown at a conservative by the media. Only such a man as Ted Cruz would be able to be emerge from such a battle unscathed and believable.

So the sourpuss right has spoken again, counseling us that all is lost and that we do not matter. I find this advice to be at the best, unhelpful, and at the worst, cyanide. All that I have ever asked of such purveyors of nonsense is that they take their own medicine first, and remove themselves from the earth. At least in so doing, they would be consistent. What value is a pessimist anyways? Why stand above the ground and complain about it for the rest of your life?

Or, in one word: meh.

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