The Idiocy of IT

I can think of no greater collection of human stupidity than in the IT department of any medium or larger-sized organization. IT is the cesspool, the lowest point, the point where human stupidity naturally collects and amasses.

First, IT demonstrates the maxim, “There is nothing so dangerous as a little knowledge.” Having mastered some unnecessary arcanum, IT imagines that it knows the world. Yes, you are Microsoft-certified, but do you ever question the value of that?

Second, IT builds walls around its holy empire and forbids others from entering. This makes their empire resistant to attack from the outside, at least from the perspective of those inside. Everyone else outside their kingdom regards them as children making a fort and protecting it with “No girls allowed” signs.

If you don’t allow criticism then how can you make sure you’re correct? How can you grow? Worse, this incestuous thinking naturally leads to cult-like behavior, viz. a viz. “Only those in our church can be saved.” Repeating such thoughts while demonstrating massive incompetence is a major reason why IT has such a bad reputation.

Third, IT makes supremely poor decisions and never backs off from them. God forbid that you make a mistake and admit it. Why, the rubes out there in hickville might think you were human, and might think that you were not gods, or that they could ascend the mountain without your help. Whatever would happen then? Next thing you know, people might think that they could control their own computers and be ok with installing their own applications! The horrible chaos!

Fourth, IT underestimates the value, the intelligence, and the capabilities of everyone outside their sainted department with desultory ease. Some of this I actually understand. There are people who should not be using computers, and people who are not security conscious. However, IT, in all their supposed intelligence, groups developers in the same category as the idiots who install Yahoo toolbar and surf porn sites at work.

Fifth, IT is addicted to the solutions of the past, which were never good decisions in the first place. IT resists UNIX, deplores OS X, and copulates with Microsoft. This is despite all of manifestly obvious flaws of Windows and its ecosystems. IT is job security for the foolish, a weapon for the ignorant, and a sinecure for parasites.

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2 Responses to The Idiocy of IT

  1. PapaMAS says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve said the same thing many times before. I dread calling IT because I know the odds are very high I will end up treating whatever doofus is assigned to my problem like the doofus he/she is.I don’t like treating people that way but that is what happens.

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