The Virtue Signalling of Racism

I always think it’s funny when the left speaks about racism, for they think that a vast majority of Americans are incorrigibly racist (people in other countries are curiously exempt from such generalizations). Yet, they act surprised and hurt when they come across this racism, which they magnify and blow up to dramatic and comedic heights. Thus, people asking innocent questions harbor the hearts of murderers, and people who act out of ignorance are guilty of the Holocaust. Lost in all the virtue-signalling is the obvious question, “Didn’t you expect this?” Why isn’t this everywhere racism unremarkable by now, if you do in fact experience it every day? Therein lies the obvious lie. These people would be freaking out every moment of their lives were racism as common as they claim. Yet they manage somehow to stay out of hospitals and psych wards and have a few minor monthly blowouts, usually which require quite a bit of planning, bait-and-switch, selective editing, and other tricks to coax from people the evidence for their hypothesis.

I am not impressed.

They are in no physical danger. They will not lose their jobs, assuming they have them. They will not be disowned or excommunicated. In fact, revealing their horrific treatment consisting of weird expressions and unkind words will net them fame, fortune, and mates. This occurs even if their evidence is faked, as it often is. This has long ago passed the terminus marked Irony and now has stopped at the station named Self-Parody. But such fanciful demonstrations keep occurring because it allows the so-called sufferers a claim for the good life and it allows their gentle readers to live through them and showcase their own moral purity. As long as evil consists only in the other and in what other people do, the lens is turned away from the self. Thus, racial injustice and every other leftist cause d’celeb can never end; the war must always continue, lest all those involved cease their constant activity and look inside their own hearts and realize the truth.

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