Compartmentalization is a useful tool, mentally and spiritually, to prevent hysteresis. You don’t want to freak out over every thing that happens to you, and so you decide to not let the driver who cut you off put you in a bad mood the rest of the day. However, there is an interesting and common use of compartmentalization that actually does harm to its practitioners, not good. This is the compartmentalization of morality.

Case in point: John Nolte, reviewing the movie “Jason Bourne”.

Because I can compartmentalize my politics away from my love of film, what really drove me crazy, though…

People who compartmentalize this way do so to avoid handling the moral questions their conduct raises. If John Nolte really cared about achieving his political objectives, he would not fund the people that undermine them. He would know which directors, screenwriters, and actors created the toxic dump of culture we live in, and he would want nothing to do with them. However, instead of doing that, he compartmentalizes.

I have no sympathy for such cowards. They enable leftist filmmakers, writers, actors, and playwrights by funding their works. By paying their salaries, they allow the detritus and the dross to continue to foul our lives. By buying their works or buying tickets to their works, they enable it. Evil men will be judged, as will those who enable them. How can you live with yourself if you knowingly fund the very thing you rail about? You compartmentalize.

Do you know who else has better than average compartmentalization skills? Serial killers.

Both the murderous and the cowardly have that in common; they are both avoiding processing the morality of their actions.

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