Tentacles of the Democrat Party

If you look at the policy positions enumerated by the Democrat party, you can be forgiven for finding them inchoate. What natural alliance do illegal immigrants, green energy investors, climate change warriors, feminists, transgenders, communists, rich establishment types, hippies, and labor unions truly share? It is not so much a rich ideology that unites them but rather a shallow one funded and fueled by finance.

Exhibit A: labor unions. Labor unions spend gobs of money on campaigning for the Democrat party. This is a curious arrangement, is it not? In union states, union membership is mandatory for many/most jobs. The union then scrapes together its union dues and then expends them to support Democrats. So people who wish to work are being forcibly taxed to support the Democrats.

Exhibit B: green energy. Green energy (wind/water/solar) is still not sufficiently efficient to turn a profit upon investment. For it to work at all, government must subsidize it, which basically means that the taxpayers are on the hook for setting up companies that will fail. Curiously, most green energy ventures are backed by Obama donors, who then write off the company when it fails, and so reap in-kind donations.

Exhibit C: Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has been described as a PAC for the Democrat party because its political expenditures support the party. This is another kind of sick cycle like labor unions, because PP receives taxpayer funding. So once again, the taxpayer is being forced to underwrite the Democrat party. What makes this worse is that human life is being ended along the way.

Exhibit D: illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is a net drain on the entire country. Illegals commit fraud by obtaining fake SSNs, drivers’ licenses, tax ID numbers, and so on, which they use to obtain benefits which far outpace their contributions to the system. They have bankrupted public hospitals and they drive wages lower by working under the table. They demand services in Spanish which forces services in multiple languages, documentation in multiple languages, and on and on. However, because Democrats are the party of free stuff, illegals vote for them. Thus illegal immigration is another tax upon the taxpayer; the taxpayer spends money to provide for illegals who then vote Democrat (often illegally), and if they are ever naturalized, they vote Democrat out of gratitude for the past. So the taxpayer becomes complicit in recruiting and establishing new Democrat voters.

The philosophy of the Democrats is one of funding and growing their party. They choose to do this through parasitism. The Democrats are not so much ideological as lazy, selfish, and blind. Their politics and whatever philosophy they have flows from that.

I can only imagine the rage if more people realized just how much they are forcibly conscripted into supporting the Democrat party.

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