A Farewell to Unity

Now, after the sellout, after the backstab, come the cries for unity. Unity, unity, unity, shouted from every rooftop, a dismal pinioning refrain of the goons and thugs who strongarmed their way into a nomination. And by unity, they mean, “Obey or else”.

Unity means that I cannot dissent.
Unity means that I cannot worship as I wish.
Unity means that I give up fighting for the important things.
Unity means I become complicit with evils.

So you failed to convince me in a primary and now you claim the right to silence me in the general? Let the devil take your unity and may you choke on it. You claim the GOP is now the party of Trump. You are so very strong, so you can handle it without my help. Have fun with your Tourette’s Syndrome candidate.

Strange how words are used to mean their direct opposite. Never would I have expected “unity” and “shut up” to mean the same thing; now the rallying cry is “gag the Christians” in the name of unity. Now the anthem is “intimidate those conscience-followers” in the name of unity.

Whether or not you win the election, you have already lost everything that matters. Seeking only power you have left behind any justification for power. Rest assured if you attempt to enforce your power upon me, it will be met with every weapon I have at my disposal. Maybe your internet enemies and the helpless you can cow, but you will not shut me down. Whether by pen or by gun I will remain free.

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