Inspiration for Wearing Things

I ran across a blog the other day where a girl was collecting pictures of people wearing things that inspired her to wear things.

I don’t get it.

Did she need a reminder of what she wanted to wear? Wouldn’t you just add that to your own mental wardrobe or your fashion idea box in your head? Wouldn’t your idea of style be as close to you as your next thought? Wouldn’t it be something that you knew already because you can see yourself in a mirror? Like I said, I don’t get it. It seems like some kind of bizarre social media experiment in #humblebrag vanity.

This is not to say that I don’t find what other people wear to be cool on occasion, or interesting, or defiant, or classy, or sensual, or whatever. I do. However, I don’t either care to remember it or I don’t ever forget it. In any case, I don’t feel a need to tell other people about it. It seems so trivial and transient to me, and the gravity of vanity is inescapable. Why would I think that other people care about what I wear? Isn’t this just an exercise in posting pictures of myself so that I can harvest others’ compliments and maybe get some attention from the other sex? It sure seems that way.

What took this a step beyond the usual mindless fashion blog (or even the interesting sartorial appreciation blog) was this weird sense that the author was collecting ideas for outfits she was going to wear. I don’t see the audience for that. There was no greater relevance – like analyzing the meaning of ruffles, or the effect of satin upon the senses, or something.

But maybe this is what ordinary feels like – to have a blog filled with things about yourself that nobody else cares about because you’re not saying anything that matters. And maybe that’s what most blogs are like, where empty-headed doofuses prattle on your blog and expect you to prattle on theirs.

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