The Truth Matters

Do you want to know how a nation falls? It falls when people take up arms against each other because they are unwilling to hear the truth. They are not interested in knowing anything that wrecks their carefully-constructed reality, because to do so exposes themselves as being just ordinary men. They cannot abide that. They know. They are on the side of progress, or restoration, or justice, or whatever it is – even though their hands are smeared with filth. The very people who claim to be right while they hurl lies, use profanity, advocate violence, and smear others demonstrate that they have nothing to do with the truth. Yet the truth still matters.

Have you ever dealt with the Church of Christ? I have in college. They are cultists, who teach salvation by works. If you deny their false teaching, then they will attack you without quarter, and they will never admit that anyone outside of their church can be saved. Trump cultists are their political equivalents. They believe lies and advocate violently on behalf of them. They do this and continue to do this as long as their enemies exist. They never look in the mirror to see the evil within themselves that grows by the hour.

Take for instance the circulation of nude photos of Trump’s wife. Everyone knows that this woman posed nude before she married Trump. The pictures were already there for anyone who wanted them. The outrage erupted because someone dared to point out that the emperor has no clothes by running an ad. However, this is not part of the reality inhabited by the Trump cultists. They cannot abide the truth, so what do they do? Accuse their opponent of doing it.

This is unbelievable on several levels. As a Christian, Cruz would not do this. As a matter of historical fact, he did not do it. He had no affiliation with the anti-Trump PAC that ran the ad. By law, he cannot.

Some may wonder, “Why discuss this now, so late after the events?” It is because those who lie must have their lies disproven. They must not be allowed to circulate false information. Their slander must be stopped at the source.

The kingdom of lies and its dazed followers must be brought to ruin.

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