Hate is Not the Opposite of Love

Hate is not the opposite of love. The opposite of love is disinterest. Hate, like love, still has the beloved as the object of interest; the object of love is still the gravity well around which hate and love rotate, unable to escape.

For the authoritarian/alt-right movement, that object of fixation is Ted Cruz. His their nemesis, the friend they wish they could have; he is the lover they feel left them at the altar whom they can never get over. Ted Cruz is a better man than they are, and this they feel in their bones – a lurking conviction that they are merely children. Thus they lash out. Thus they embrace contradictory positions, cycling faster and faster like an unstable woman responding to a breakup. This is their logic:

Trump does not need the conservative vote; however, it is Ted Cruz’s fault if he loses! 

Cruz is too stupid to be president. [Only Trump can be smart!]

Cruz is too smart to be president. [Ok, Cruz is smart, but we don’t need smart now!]

Cruz has no chance to be president and he just blew his chances to be president!

Cruz is being childish, but Trump is not. Trump can’t help being childish, because Cruz made him do it!

This is the logic of unhinged emotionalism, a kind of mass craziness that I thought only inhabited the minds of liberals. However, I suppose it lives in the minds of the low-class moral chameleon-thugs that are Trump’s base as well. Something connects white trash and liberals, though – a reliance upon emotions in place of thinking, and a sense of aggrieved entitlement.

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