The Breathless Fools

The gullible are everywhere.

They are an incurious lot that believes whatever said with force or said with a modicum of style, no matter the source. If overnight their enemy were to sing their praises and instantly align to all their positions, they would accept this with no doubts, agog in wide-eyed wonder. They never look beneath the covers, never crack open the book, never ask about what lies beneath.

What I find even more stunning than the existence of such is that these folk populate the political world. Why, in the name of love, why? In politics discernment is required, because so many make promises, but few deliver. We need people to track the promise-makers, people to hold them accountable, people to speak and adhere to principle! This is no place for the over-trusting, because they will be abused.

The only motive I can find is that these people profit somehow by the ebb and the flow. They imagine they will be able to ride the crest of events, come what may. These people are milquetoast entertainers, and there is nothing that the world needs less than more entertainers or entertainment. What these grim times need is courage and those gripped by courage to stand strong in the middle of chaos and corruption.

In short, just because someone delivers a speech does not mean they are to be believed. Those actions brought us Obama. Now they threaten to bring us Trump.

Wake up, children, wake up! Not all that seems to be good is good! Character and only character counts.

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