This is the End

I have been following what has been happening at the GOP national convention in Cleveland. If you have not, understand that this is the end. I have never seen such outright disregard for an organization’s own members, the rules they all agreed to, and a naked display of authoritarian power. It has shaken me to the core.

I have wondered why. The answer, as others have said, is that the system has been set up to stack the decks in favor of moderate to liberal candidates through open primaries, early voting, and winner-take-all delegate apportioning. This setup heavily tilts the odds in favor of low-information, TV/mass media ad-influenceable people, and especially “crossover voters” (i.e. Democrats), which lead to moderate-to-liberal candidates who end up standing no chance in the general. It is designed to dilute the conservative/grassroots/activist vote, the very people who are members of the GOP and care the most about it.

This is done so the RNC can keep caterwauling about conservative principles but never have to act on them. It is a show, so that Reince Preibus and company can hold onto power. The overarching goal is to keep the establishment in power, not to return power to the states or the people. And lest you think I’m channeling some racist like Woodrow Wilson, understand that in a representative republic, the power comes from and rightly belongs to the states and the people. It’s the essence of the Constitution and that is what Preibus, McConnell, Duprey, Barbor, and other corrupt men have set themselves up against. That is why they will run us over at the convention in front of the cameras of the world. That is why they will ally with the alt-right racist, fascist, anti-Jew, stupid, lowlife thugs who are Trump’s base. Previously the RNC powermongers were the ones chanting for open borders so that they could amass new wallets for their deception, promising freedom, but keeping themselves atop the garbage heap.

My eyes are opened.

I have been praying and will keep praying that God strengthen what remains – give hope and courage to the delegates who stand against the rules package, who stand for the rights of the states (and not the national power structure), and for those who want another candidate than the serial adulterer Trump. Protect them from physical harm. Do not allow them to be deceived. May God confuse the actions and the minds of the wicked men who seek to strongarm everyone else into their will. May God frustrate the plans of Reince Preibus, Mitch McConnell, Steve Duprey, Haley Barbor, and all others involved in their evil.

I do not know if I will continue to belong to a party that makes these decisions. I cast my lot with Ken Cuccinelli, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Morton Blackwell, Steve King, Chris McDaniels, and Greg Abbot.

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