It Never Happened

I think it is sad, humorous, and criminal, the amount of worry that people have expended about nuclear war. All those sleepless nights, all that time fretting over foreign policy and the actions of other nations, all the distrust of our own, all the protests, all the marches, all the movies, on and on and on, and for what? It never happened. Let that sink in. It was a fifty-year collective freak-out over nothing.

What does it say about the left that there is this need to worry, this drive to live in fear? So now that nuclear war isn’t a thing anymore, they have chosen other horrors to dread and worry about, every single one of which is either overblown or purely fantastical. Global warming? Check. Campus rape epidemic? Check. Guns? Check.

What’s worse is that this mindset is a stressed mindset, and if we’ve learned anything about stress, we know that it is the silent killer. Stress leads to heart attacks, stroke, endometriosis, and all manners of the body destroying itself. It makes sense. If you are in a fight or flight scenario 24-7 for fifty years, you just don’t survive that. You self-destruct. So the left consists of people who are worrying themselves to death while ignoring real solutions to the problems they have misidentified.

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