Of Praise Music

Slicing and dicing of good songs that others have created is like musical graverobbing, but it is actually worse, for what is good never dies; it is actually like planning a murder. To require others to participate in this is to make them accomplices to murder. If you are redeemed, why are you so musically lazy? Why can’t you build great things like those who make the songs you stripmine? Are you not admitting that you are not as gifted as them? What does it say to the congregation that you compel them to raise hands in mediocrity? What does it say to those outside the church, that the best we can do is rip off those who scaled the heights of holiness? It says that we are a pathetic, doomed crew, a collection scam artists and shifty-eyed con men. What a lie to the face of God! I cannot and find that is why I want nothing to do with those who do not care for what they have been given. I hold the gifts of God within me in awe and in fragile wonder and I will not treat it as cheap for the sake of Christ and his all-encompassing work.

In short, to practice excellent preaching and crap music fails first things. By “crap music” I do not mean poor musicianship, skill, or technique. Crap music is music that disrespects the work of others before you by mutilating their works in arrangements they did not write, by smashing together songs, by adding your own verses, by doing everything but using your own creativity to create something your own. Either respect your brothers and sisters or make your own music. Anything else is an insult. I find it ironic that this was done prefacing a message about how brothers and sisters in Christ can wound each other. What do the creators of these songs feel? Leave the remix to lesser men. Let those who bear the name of Christ build cathedrals, not parking lots.

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