Ruining Art

The worst trend in American culture at the present moment is the hijacking and revising of older works by perpetually offended activists and their artistic enablers. The examples are sadly plentiful:

What you see in all of these are the ruining of art. Usually it is people who have no respect for the original work, who remake/reboot/redo the original so as to placate the hypersensitive mobs of today (occasionally the original creator alters his own work to appease as Spielberg did with E.T.). This subverts the work as it was originally conceived. It disrespects the person who created it, their effort, their creativity, and their sacrifice.

Why? Hack writers, directors, and actors cannot create a compelling narrative of their own. In order to succeed, they must rob the graves of their predecessors and don their burial clothes to impersonate them. They must become pod people. They can only thrive by taking over something else and papering it over with their own agenda. They are the sickest sort of murderers, not only draining the blood of others’ creations, but impersonating them, hoping no-one will notice.

If you want to create a work of art with characters or any color or any other kind, go and do it. There are many successful movies and books that have done so. There is no need to subvert someone else’s art. There is no need to rape and pillage Roddenberry’s art.

What someone else has created is their own – not yours to subvert. It does not belong to you. Go make your own. This sterilizing of the world has grown old. However, part of the problem is turning over the keys to lesser men, as both Star Trek and Star Wars have done.

I am not afraid nor bothered if a library should carry Bertrand Russell’s book, Why I am Not a Christian. Nor am I offended if Amazon sells it. I would rather read a book by Ravi Zacharias book stating his case for Christianity. That is the answer in this free market of ideas – to rebut foolishness with light, to conquer cowardice with strength, to smash idiocy with wisdom, not to impersonate Bertrand Russell and write books under his name!

All those who do the latter are cowardly, courageless, despicable souls, that do not have even the strength to be original. Instead, they take what was good and reduce it to farce. They lie about the past, and attempt to justify their insipid existence with the laurels of others. This will fail. People are bone-weary of this detritus.

These second-rate men have set up a new unholy law filled with “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots” which asphyxiate creativity. Who dares create something new with a two-page cultural checklist to complete? It is worse than the Hayes code or the Comic Book Code ever were and it is on par with Stalinism. As a result, the creators relentlessly strip-mine the past. Their fear of injury and offense seals the boundary of their vision. 

These times are merely an artistic interregnum, a breathing place between artistic movements. The stifling PC code is dying. The fields are ripe for those who dream and yearn to soar free past the codes and straitjackets of today.

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