Choose Another Path

It’s thoroughly depressing to wade through the sewers of feminism. I’m not sure how Robert Stacy McCain can do so on such a frequent basis, but my hat is off to him.

The thing that sticks out to me is the utter foolishness of the prospect.

That is, feminism hates masculinity and believes that men have no value. Feminists therefore hate men, choosing either to be lesbians or sluts. The sluts find themselves trafficking with the dregs of men, who don’t care about them, treat them poorly, and basically serve to confirm the hypothesis that men are no good. Funny that feminists find what they set out to find, isn’t it? Meanwhile, these women make a wreck of their bodies, their minds, and their souls because they refuse to value what they seek. Then they whipsaw back and forth from bragging about their sexual exploits (many imagined for shock value) to hating all men.

How does this behavior help them find a healthy, happy relationship?

That is the question nobody is asking, least of all themselves. Like many other people, they think that sex is for fun, not part of a lasting, secure, stable, and strong relationship. If you bond with people indiscriminately then sex is nothing special, nothing to be prized, nothing more than a fleeting whimsy. The damage this does to your emotions, your ability to commit, and your worldview itself is incalculable.

What future are you aiming for? What do you want to get? You have no vision, no goal, and so, no hope.

There are fewer things more depressing than watching people slowly kill themselves. I have no anger for the idiocy that they say; I have only compassion and sorrow over the spectacle of their dying.

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