The News Cycle

It is interesting how whenever people want to avoid responsibility, they invent inanimate objects to bear the blame. Thus, the “cycle of violence” deftly avoids assigning blame to Palestinian terrorists who murder Jews. The same kind of thinking is on display in “the news cycle”. With the latter term, journalists make excuses that they have to cover or not cover something, and others complain that because X is in the news, Y gets short shrift. What people are missing is that journalists, TV reporters, news stations choose what they cover regardless of what is popular. Certain protests are never deemed newsworthy, no matter the number of their attendees. Certain occurrences are never covered, no matter how much they affect the president. You know how it goes.

Like there is no “cycle of violence”, but rather discrete actions taken by individuals, there is no “news cycle” but rather discrete actions taken by individuals. To use the latter term is to empty reporters of all individual choice. Who is responsible for what gets covered? The press. They are not Pavolov’s dogs, unable to determine what is important and what is not. They simply cover information that harms their heroes only reluctantly. The problem is why anyone expects them to behave differently.

Stop complaining about what the liberal media does. They will never change. Instead we should focus on popularizing our own media and hold them accountable. What part or parcel do we have with zombie organizations staffed with idiot liberals from J-school? They don’t care about us and they will never be honest or fair – hasn’t twenty, thirty, or forty years taught us this much at last?

Those who have not made this mental shift yet, I implore you to cross over. You are already at the last stage of patience, thinking of the media as just brutish dogs to be manipulated if you can offer them the right meat without competition.

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