By Their Fruits

No matter how lame, exasperating, or fake non-Christians find convenient salvation experiences, the Christian hates them ten times as much, for it cheapens grace. Worse still is the second-hand salvation experience, where someone claims that someone else has accepted Christ, when there is no fruit at all in the claimant’s life. This is all part of a very old, very worthless, worn-out parody of truth. And yes, I am referring to the statement reported by Dobson that Trump has accepted Christ.

When people do accept Christ, they are changed. Their motivations change. Their attitudes change. Their actions change. The trash they used to swim around in, they try to get free of. They talk differently. They seek to love instead of speak ill of others. In the words of Jesus, “By their fruits shall ye know them.”

So what are the fruits of Trump? I ask this simply. If you just arrived on earth in time for this presidential cycle and saw Donald J. Trump speaking and acting, would you in any way find his actions and words to reflect a heart of love and a mind seeking Christ?

I see zero evidence that Trump has changed in any way.

I find it highly suspicious (and convenient) for him to claim to have accepted Christ in the middle of a presidential election.

A real change is undeniable.

A real change cannot be hidden.

A real change comes from the mouths of the saved, and not through intermediaries.

A real change is definite, not guessed at.

As it turns out, Dobson was only reporting what he had heard – so much for the validity of the initial reporting. When on the record, he said that he had heard that Paula White (known prosperity gospel heretic) had led Trump to Christ.

Trump has other connections with charlatan evangelist crowd. He was endorsed by Kerney Thomas, he of the screaming fame.

As we have seen with Jerry Falwell Jr, everyone Trump associates with he demeans, shames, and diminishes. That Trump would either encourage or start these rumors by using Dobson does not surprise me. However, it does infuriate me.

James Dobson, if you value your integrity, get away from Donald Trump.

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One Response to By Their Fruits

  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    Amen! A very LOUD Amen!


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