The Big Lie

Today I received this in my email:

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 7.26.20 PM

This is a lie, from front to back. As someone who actually IS a conservative, who believes in limited government, in not supporting Planned Parenthood, who believes in calm, rational thinking, and someone who doesn’t sleep around on his wife, to have this charlatan pretend to be a conservative is not only a lie, but it is a big lie. It is a lie the size of which only dictators such as Stalin and Hitler told.

Not only this, but this man somehow needs my money? Rich Donald Trump needs my money? Self-funding Donald J Trump needs my money?

Trump is the voice of the gutter, the oily combination of Mafia and white trash, racist and goon, bully, blowhard, liar, and fake; he is filth and he finds an audience only in those who are self-deceived first.


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2 Responses to The Big Lie

  1. Trump couldn’t define American Conservatism if it reached up and handed him the explanation in plain English. Apparently, a lot of people who claimed to be Conservatives can’t define it, either. They’ve sure abandoned their supposed principles quickly.


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