Trump’s Twitter Army And Useful Idiots

Legal Insurrection has the goods. Although my experience is anecdotal, it tracks with what Jacobson has uncovered. I have seen many, many people posting on The Right Scoop who are unfamiliar with U.S. culture, how our laws work, and basic English. Granted, some of them may be just your typical internet idiots, but I would lay good money on most of them posting from other countries.

The article goes a long way in explaining why so many Trump supporters recourse to violence, do not respond to logic, and have a nasty misogynist streak. It is because they are from the Middle East. They are not used to defending their positions. They come from a monoculture where no dissent is allowed; thus online, all they can do is troll.

What worries me more is the behavior of the commenters on the article. They are useful idiots, like Western defenders of Islam, or the complicit media that manufactured excuses for the Soviets. They attempt to whitewash Trump, and in so doing use the usual Trumpian behavior: lies, distortions, attacking the messenger, ignoring the main point, wishful thinking, and ignorance.

For instance, the claim that 40% of the GOP supports Trump is an absolute falsehood. Trump’s greatest numbers come from open primaries, where Democrats are free to vote in the Republican primary. That was how he won many races in the South. So that 40% does not consist solely of Republicans. Contrast Trump’s performance in closed primaries to that in open primaries and you will get an idea of how great his support is among Republicans.

Then you have distortions, like the concept that people showing up at Trump rallies = Trump voters. Not so. Trump is first, a celebrity, second a businessman, and third, a candidate for president. Many people attend his rallies because they know about him from television. They do not automatically vote for him, and even Trump knows this. Thus, his need for pledges.

Lastly, you have wishful thinking. This type latches on to what Trump said early on in his campaign, and ignores every modification he’s made to it since. Trump endorses touchback amnesty, not kicking the illegals out on a permanent basis. Trump wants to let the good ones back in! Building a wall means nothing if your position is basically amnesty in the first place. Trump himself has said that everything is negotiable. Of course it is. The man is all about perceptions, not reality. Sound familiar?

All of these responses are due in large part to fundamental ignorance, a willful self-blindedness. I don’t expect the Twits and the trolls to be informed. They are being paid to stay in the dark. However, nobody is forcing the useful idiots to be ignorant. I wonder if they stay attached to Trump the way that abused women defend their abuser; is this some kind of willful Stockholm syndrome, where the hostages think “he’s a murderer, but he’s my murderer”? That Trump’s supposed patriotism covers a multitude of sins? That once having accepted the promise, that they will go down to ignominy to defend the promiser because any strongman who pulls that string owns them? There’s some seriously twisted thinking within the minds of Trump’s useful idiots.

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