The Reverser of All Bad Things

I am stunned sometimes at the things that happen around me. Never would I have predicted that a primary opponent would dare to speak like a child by burning up Twitter every night. When someone says that “Wisconsin has suffered a great loss of jobs and trade, but if I win, all of the bad things happening in the U.S. will be rapidly reversed!”, I have to wonder if I have not accidentally stepped into a comedy club somewhere without realizing it.

I for one, cannot wait for all bad things to be reversed. I can name a few things that would fall into the category of “bad things”. Now I don’t want to be like Obama Phone Girl, who Youtubed her dissatisfaction with her all-too-human savior after a few months. However, if you’re going to promise things, then people have every right to expect that you will perform them. And if your reputation is a larger-than-life success story, then no matter how ridiculous what you promise is, people will expect you to do it. Isn’t Trump the Magic Man? He’s more Bernie than Bernie, a promiser of things with just a different genie.

I think most people who support Trump simply don’t read his tweets, and don’t watch his embarrassing interviews. That is to say, they decide upon the man without having much information available about the man. That they are angry matters nothing to me. They don’t bother to find out whom they’re even supporting, and then try to convince me to be as foolish and ignorant as they are. That is another situation I would have never expected. In every other race, the candidate’s supporters are those who know him best, and they try to win over those who do not know the candidate. Not knowing your candidate and then shouting, bullying, cursing, and slandering opponents is completely ineffective.

The best reply to the Trump harassers I have ever read was the endorsement written by the Daily Wire staff in an April Fool’s sendup.

We have seen what happens when a man overpromises and underdelivers before. We’ve seen what happens when a man uses thug tactics to win the primary and then the presidential campaign. We’ve seen what happens when a man claims to know the Constitution and then ignores it every chance he gets. We’ve seen what happens when a man spends his time dividing and wrecking foreign policy. We’ve just lived through seven years of this. Why should we vote for more of the same?

The greatest fools are not those who repeat history, but those who immediately repeat history while expecting different results.

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