Harder Dances For Enemies

If there is one thing about politics that is more wearisome than anything else, it is the prevalence of double standards. These usually show up in the form of requiring your enemies to speak or act in exactly the way you would have them speak or act or else, you won’t believe them. Can you see the childishness on display here? Does being angry give you the right to act like you’re three?

Yet the rabid crowd demands that you act this way or say this, not because they care about you, or because they care about truth, but because they are laying traps for you and desperately hope that you stumble into them. Theirs is the hoarse voice of hate; theirs are the itchy hands of hangmen.

What underlies this childishness is a basic unwillingness to treat others with equanimity. They have one set of rules for you, and another set of rules for others. It’s much like playing games with children; when they are tagged, or hit, or lose, they don’t really lose. They just change the rules to benefit them, while you have none of those benefits. You are struck once and you’re dead, but you’re not allowed to quit the game either. Some romances are like this, too, because they are not about loving people, but about sick obsessions.

Further down into the psyche of the mob is a desperate desire for control. That is why though they have no power, they imagine themselves to be God or at least anointed by Him. Thus no logic affects them. Thus no calls to human decency sway them. They have imagined themselves to be the chosen, or God himself. Therefore they can do anything, even as they ignore the nature of God and His people is to be holy. So they play their children’s games, but the only thing that awaits them is a deathbed fist shaken at the sky or suicide in a bomb shelter.

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