Thralls of Deceivers

The thralls swallow anything, as long as it is coated with something that imitates sweetness. Junk food or nerve gas, both are acceptable, or anything – anything except truth. That compels screams as it burns them like pain; the pain they feel is the searing falsity of their illusions revealed as false, but they will not let go. Their precious lies they will not surrender, but the knowledge burns; will any let go, or will the burning continue through their lives, burning like wildfire, wrecking their lives, destroying their relationships, separating them from the Divine until nothing remains except separation for all time?

They are thralls of deceivers, and who the deceivers are, matters nothing. Some will plunge through lava for their chosen leaders. Some will throw themselves on stage for those who sing. Some will quiet their voices and disconnect from the internet-Borg to let the screen speak to them, guide them, love them, control them, and tell them what is real.

All screens lie.

The words burn like fire.

Each screen is a representation of the world, and so every screen is designed to deceive, for it is not actual. But the screens are realer than real, greater than life, more important than truth! Hollywood has a reality envy, and it must be super-real in order to convince. It must be spectacle to sway the ordinary. It must be worship to compel the skeptical. It must overcome the real to become what is real for those who enter its doors.

What you see is not what happened.

The words burn like fire.

What you see is not real.

The words burn like fire.

Like Shintoism, Hollywood is the realm of endless gods, all sending out messages through their temples (wherever their simaculara is shown); everyone hush; everyone quiet; be still and silent and accept what you hear. Live vicariously through what you see. You will become normed; you will become just like the others, the mundane who discuss people and events but never truth; you will become a creature of avoidant motion, always moving from nothingness to nothingness; the screens will speak and you will stay.

The lines form to every screen, comprised of the beaten, the shackled, the hollow, the unfree. The screens speak for new gods demand your obescience. Bow down and forget truth. Bow down and forget your ethics. Give your time, your attention, your money, your words, your hopes, your dreams, all that you are – give it now, in this cosmic exchange. Will you exchange eternity for temporality, truth for lie, hope for deceit?

Become a thrall to the deceiver of your choice.

As your bones soften, your will becomes fluid, and your thoughts become sewage. Join with the dying and die faster, for the flames always need new kindling; you will be destroyed after use. Take not too long. Hurry and die to make room for the next in line.

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