Allegations of Allegations

I am aware of the allegations of allegations of infidelity as concerns Ted Cruz. How could anyone who follows the news not be? What I find interesting is that this story was not reported on for months because there was nothing there. Now all of a sudden, it pops up. More interestingly, now the story changes. First, it was supposed that Cruz had five mistresses. Now, the line is that he routinely visited prostitutes. The story keeps changing, to keep its presence in the news cycle and to keep the Twitter hivemind spinning. But why now?

The Patriot Retort has an explanation here. Trump throws out bombs when the wolves are getting too close. I bet that he has done this every time he is under scrutiny, and so we should expect this and be ready for it. Is there a new outrageous accusation out there? Then someone has uncovered something injurious to Trump.

The irony I will only mention in passing, that Trump, the adulterer who bragged about cheating on his wives, stands to benefit from the mere accusation that someone else has. This is pure Alinsky – making the opponent live up to their own rules, hoping to distract everyone from your own behavior and character.

Character counts.

If Cruz is lying, then he deserves to be discovered and shamed. However, I have no inkling that he is. The story comes from the National Enquirer, which is occasionally correct; however, the source is Trump’s political director, and the owner of the Enquirer is close personal friends with Trump. So, does what they say look likely?

That Trump would use this tactic reveals something about him – spreading lies to discredit an opponent. That his followers would support the man in vile ways tells me more (warning: graphic language here).

It is long time for Trump, the liar, the adulterer, the profane, the fake, to leave the race and spare the country further trips into the toilet.

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