Abandoned to the World

Those who refuse to put up with evils are the ones who hurt most in this world. My response to betrayal by those who love us not is to pray through clenched teeth:

“Make me purer still.
Let me burn clean like gasoline.”

It is not enough that my eyes are sledgehammered with violence like adrenaline. It is not enough that you blaspheme his name to my face, but the final indignity of it all, is that you tell me it is candy, and it is strychnine. You sell homosexuality and wrap it up with humor; you sell blasphemy sandwiched between action; you preach relativism and convince us with emotive music.

Is no-one else tired of the manipulation?

What I do not know is why so many fall for the lies of Hollywood Babylon. O, Babylon the Great, Whore of the West, factory of strippers and drug addicts, exploiter of the disturbed, exalter of the depraved, insane flautist who pipes us into the flame-maw of Hell! How many lives have you broken on your poisoned wheel? How many marriages have you wrecked? How many children have you murdered? All to cement your stars in a city that never sleeps, and to infect the unsuspecting by rooms ghost-lit by television screens.

“Never again
Will what passes through my hands
Fund something vile.”

And again, how did we become so weak? How did we come to have such faith in those who take our money and stab us in the throat? How did Christians fall into the line of swaying and frenzied, lashed to the slave stick, led into the furnace? How? How did we lower our standards so much? How did we come to regard the church so little? How did we come to regard Christ’s name as nothing more than an epithet to be used to express disgust? How did we become people who pay others to curse you and then laugh over it?

I weep blood; I breathe in ash.

How did we become abandoned to the world?

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