Paul Ryan and the Most Unnecessary Speech

When threatened, the little men try on the costumes of their heroes and imagine that they have become those heroes, if only for a day. Such is the case of Paul Ryan and his speech to Congress today. In it, he talks about a vision of the public weal, his own conservative bona fides, and the importance of the American experiment. Imagine this exchange that should have followed such a speech:

TQT: Mr. Ryan, I have one question.

Speaker of the House: Yes, you, the blogger in the back!

TQT: Would Jack Kemp have passed the Cromninus bill?

Dead silence.

The answer we all know; that Ryan would take this moment to speechify as though ignorant of the last seven years is breathtaking in its hubris. Where was he when Obama was performing illegal executive order after order? Where was he when the Supreme Court overstepped their boundaries in Oberfell? Where was he when Hillary allowed four men to die in Benghazi? Right there, in Congress, getting drunk off the fumes of power and prestige; right there talking and doing the direct opposite.

Paul Ryan, like Boehner before him, ignores his constituents. He does not understand that voters are angry because he, and others elected on conservative promises, lied, and then voted against the very people that elected them.

He is the reason why anti-establishment candidates are able to capitalize on voter rage, even, on a non-PC variety of it. This speech was obviously a wagon-circling move, but it is clumsy, hopeless, and too little, too late. Voters have seen your behavior and know you to be fundamentally dishonest. Like we seized Eric Cantor’s position, and like we are taking John Boehner’s, yours is on the list.

Do not wonder why the anti-establishment candidates have prospered, sir.

Look in the mirror and look down the aisles and you will see why.

You have created your opposition and may it consume you.

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