A Wasted Vote

One of the arguments of peer pressure is, “Don’t waste your vote.” The reasoning is that voting for A helps B win, so you cannot, in good conscience, vote your conscience. You must go along with the crowd in order for good to triumph. You must sell out to prevent a sell out. You must compromise to elect someone who will not compromise. So this logic goes.

I ask the question, then: is voting for someone in the primary who did not win the state, a wasted vote? Perhaps the acolytes of this theory will say, “No, because in the primary you should vote your conscience; in the primary, you should vote your party.” So a wasted vote can only happen in the general? Somehow primaries are exempt from whatever fae magic that works in the general? Or is it a case of inconsistency advocated by people who don’t care that much about conscience in the first place?

No vote is wasted. I voted for someone who did not win the Florida primary election, and if I had it to do all over again, I would vote the exact same way. My vote is the expression of my faith, or if you aren’t particularly spiritual, of your worldview or philosophy. That does not alter often and surely not for expedience’s sake.

I will vote my conscience in the general election, even if that means that I write someone in or vote for the Constitution party candidate. I can say for certain that I will vote for someone who carries high the torch for limited government and someone whom I can trust.

I cannot trust Trump and I will never vote for him, even if he secures the GOP nomination.

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