The Plastic-covered World

Nowhere is the SJW mindset more incompatible than in fiction. I cannot imagine screening my fiction for the endless laundry list of offenses dispensed from politically correct orifices. Yet some poor soul runs an SF mag while caterwauling about SJW issues.

His buffoonery can be found here. Read it and be amazed at the mental contortions he puts himself through. Of course he does not want to enforce a literary purge; he simply wants to get all up in your business whenever you read an unapproved author. Oh, Baum said this! Lovecraft said this! Forever chained shall the authors be to their works, and you, gentle reader are too stupid to make your own decisions! You must be reminded by the SJW cabal of the author’s unapproved thoughts. You must participate in some meaningless star chamber where the only people on trial are the dead, and their guilt is always assured. You must be, to steal a phrase, made to care.

Hear me. I do not care. I will not have my reading choices dictated by trendy bigotry and wannabe censors. I will not be forced into guilt-trip shame/blame marathons just to satiate the PC torturer’s fetish. I am an adult and I will read what I wish. Your enforced conversation; your required discussion; your list of shameful authors – to the dungeons of Mecca with you all. There you will learn the real meaning of your tolerance. There you will learn the real fruit of multiculturism. There you meet your brothers in arms.

Somewhere, Ray Bradbury is weeping. Fahrenheit 451 is right around the corner, and it has been set in motion by publishers, for they could not find authors pure enough for print.

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