Flushing the Parasites

Patterico nails it. Therein, he makes the case that Cruz should win the primary outright, or at least be in the lead by the time he hits the convention. He raises a good point about the uncertainty involved in a contested convention. I’m not so sure enough that Trump voters will walk if he is not the nominee, though, because Trump’s supporters aren’t always Republicans. Trump has gained his victories from open primary states, banking on Democrat crossover votes. The other candidates in the race are the second part of his strategy. The former can’t be countered this election cycle, but the latter can be.

Cruz and Trump are the two most viable nominees, in terms of number of states won. Everyone else is at best a distraction, and at worst, a parasite. Neither Kasich or Rubio can win the nomination outright, and to go from their delegate positions to first place would involve something catastrophic to hit both the Trump and Cruz campaigns. In short – not happening.

They have no path forward, even if they each win their respective home states. Speaking as a Florida voter, Rubio’s name is toast here. He isn’t running for reelection to the Senate, because he knows he would not win. We have long memories and don’t forget being stabbed in the back so readily. That, and never an apology or a position change. And let’s not forget lying about Cruz on the campaign trail.

The only way forward is to flush the parasites. Let the small men with their outsized egoes retire with some honor intact. If they go forward, they will be remembered about as well as Brutus.

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