Death to Fake News

Fake news is like the jock itch of the news industry. It pops up from time to time, always irritating and unhelpful, doing nothing but getting in the way. I really wonder about the sad souls that spend their time creating it, though. Now I get the fact that there are a lot of obnoxious jerks in the world, and some of them think it’s a laugh riot to create quasi-news sites to deceive people. Is the effort really worth it, though? How is the humor achieved if it’s so close to an actual news story that it’s at least plausible? I’m not talking about the Onion here, because they always had a note of the ridiculous in their work that made you first think, “No way! That can’t be true!” I’m talking about the following sites:

Seriously, how small a person must you be if you derive your life’s purpose or at least a majority of your entertainment in fooling people and then laughing that they’re so stupid as to believe you? Either you’re great at lying or people are stupid, but it can’t be both. What drives this desire to poison the well?

I think some of this, outside the obvious obnoxious jerk theory, must derive from people who are fundamentally unserious. Their entire life consists of mocking other people in a high-minded elitist condescension game. They are in two words, dreadfully immature.

Another comorbid theory is that those who do this are hateful liberals, on a permanent jihad to prove that conservatives are stupid. Thus, to prove their theories, they create news that is stunningly close to the real thing and then laugh at the fact that people who don’t spend all day creating fake news can’t tell the fake and the real thing apart. I’m not sure who’s more stupid here – the creators of such or those who fall for it.

Not only that, but none of these “fake news sites” are actually helpful. They’re not telling the truth and they confuse people. All they do is add to the noise, as most people are not looking for fake news and don’t appreciate being lied to. Liberals believe that war is deceit, and so if they have to lie to advance the agenda, well, push the pedal to the metal; the ends justify the means. That is why there are so few fake news sites that are conservative. I can think of maybe one that qualifies.

What does it say if you have to lie about reality and do so in an area where people expect the truth? You’re not advancing your agenda; you are demonstrating why you’re not trustworthy and racking up points for douchebag of the year.

I think at least one of these theories must be correct, because people who are spiritually positive, secure, and outward-focused don’t spend their time as shysters trawling the internet backwaters seeking victims for cheap laughs.

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