Race Realism is Social Darwinism

John Derbyshire, who has some occasional salient points on culture, demonstrates here why “race realism” is simply rehashed social Darwinism. Instead of believing in “magic dirt”, he believes in “magic genes”. While the construction of “magic dirt” is risible, his reliance upon race is just as ludicrous.

Darwin’s theories leaned heavily upon the idea of a cell as a simple structure. Science has since demonstrated that undergirding assumption to be false. However, like Darwinism itself, Social Darwinism makes equally grande leaps of faith in assuming that environment + time = evolution of races. Because people can and have bred animals, is there any evidence that people have bred themselves? If so, why would people breed themselves to be stupid? Even the Bell curve theory has some support in its description of IQ distribution, yet does social Darwinism explain that? I’ve not seen any evidence that race alone explains IQ; it may be a factor, but environment, culture, and health are factors as well.

“Race realism” makes race a straitjacket and the universal explanation as to individual behavior and individual failure. For instance, how can a teacher who goes into the ghetto to teach children have any success at all if race is a straitjacket? There would be no hope, yet, many such examples exist. How could Joe Clark have succeeded, if race was a straitjacket? These examples and thousands more demonstrate that the race realists’s explanations are inaccurate.

Race realism is social Darwinism 2.0, a rehash of a previous generation’s racial superiority rhetoric; like then, it lays hold of “scientific” theories in order to justify racial superiority and separation.

Because Social Darwinism depends upon Darwinism, if Darwinism is found to be untenable, then Social Darwinism must also fall. And Social Darwinism inherits from Darwin a low view of humanity, all races included. Social Darwinism justifies massacre (as does Darwin) which justifies abortion. Why? Social Darwinism inherits Darwin’s atheistic explanation and understanding of the world — its hollow moral core.

Being the top of the heap in a hopeless world is just a consolation prize. Fortunately, life is not a war of all versus all, and the despair of a godless system is not something humans were meant to believe. Darwinism’s fundamental hatred of the individual and its accompanying meaningless of life are things smuggled in by Social Darwinism, from which the race realists cannot disentangle themselves. It is a fragile system, and one bone broken breaks the whole thing.

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