And Twitter Dims the Lights

When the left is in danger of losing control of the cultural narrative, that is when they are most like themselves. The times of happy faces and glib aphorisms are over and the dirty face of the tyrant is revealed. In short, when push comes to shove, as it always does with the left, what happens? They censor. You can see this happening over at Twitter on a daily basis.

If you don’t follow the playground of the childish and the mentally ill, I cannot blame you. I’ve found Twitter puerile since I had first heard of it, so its self-destruction I regard with a healthy dose of schadenfreude. Oh, Twitter is dying? How can I clap harder? Yet, it is self-destructing by exiling those whom the delicate SJW snowflakes cannot stand.

In short, Twitter appointed a citizen’s council, filled with leftist SJW types to make speech “safe”. Soon, people were shadowbanned, and then the virtual heads began to roll. Robert Stacy McCain is just the first of their victims; make no mistake – a new French Revolution is en route. What this accomplishes, when Twitter’s stock price is low, and it cannot make money off its existing audience, I do not know. It doesn’t make good economic sense to alienate half your audience. Then again, as an arm of the cultural left, perhaps Twitter has decided to go for broke and shut down conservative speech however it can? It is an election year, after all.

As others have pointed out, Twitter became a nexus for disseminating information quickly to large numbers of people. Thus, flash mobs, uprisings against tyrants (Arab Spring), and conservative blog networking. While I can see the utility of Twitter in this way, I can’t say I agree with putting all your eggs in one basket. There are other Twitter-like platforms, Freezepeach one of the most widely-touted. So Twitter, as it dims the lights, creates opportunities for others not as bigoted as they are.

We have all heard this story before, though. The left doesn’t like other people and so when it gets tired of listening to reality, it turns to its usual collection of anti-human tactics: exile, fear, and murder. This time, it’s merely exile, but the ultimate safe space is a throne surrounded by the bodies of everyone who could possibly hurt you, no? Yet even depopulating the entire countryside, as Stalin and the Aztecs did, or gassing your enemies en masse a la Hitler, failed to make them feel secure. That’s a lesson for the SJW cabal running Twitter, if they had the ears to hear.

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