On my trips around the sun, I have learned that some things cannot change; these are the fixed verities of existence. Trying to change them wears you down and results in nothing but extended frustration. Wisdom is knowing what is fixed and what is not fixed, and harnessing your effort to alter what needs alteration while leaving the other things alone.

It is wisdom to not engage fools about their foolishness. It is what defines them. All you can do is note it and move on; it is better to simply caustically note their evil and expose it as the albatross around their necks that it is (“…and a rod for the backs of fools!”). It is rarely of any benefit to dialog about the ills of drug use with a libertarian, for instance. For these cases, all you can do is help them pick up the pieces afterwards while not gloating about their failures.

Wisdom is distance vision; it is seeing what will happen before the action is undertaken. Wisdom keeps you safe from many harms.

At its most basic, wisdom is common sense. Common sense, for instance, tells you not to drive fast down a pothole-laden road. Common sense informs you when someone is so wrapped up in their dysfunction that they cannot listen to anything else. To say that there is a lack of common sense means that there is a lack of wisdom.

When wisdom has fled a society, widespread brokenness results, as people are learning lessons through pain that they should not have to learn. As a result, they are wasting time when they could have spent more time being what they were designed to be and helping others. I am not immune from such; I too have wasted so much time tilting at windmills. However, the number of people who are basket cases and do not achieve anything in life is an epidemic. They are perpetual babies, calling out for more bottles and demanding that their diapers be changed. Yet until they learn to care for themselves, they bring only disruption to others around them.

Wisdom is understanding that we all deserve death due to our sin; we deserve nothing, but the overawing glory of God is given to us without price. This is a far greater gift than anything material or any relationship. Where the divine touches the mortal, it imbues the passing with vision, and the temporary with eternity.

Wisdom is seeing beyond the moment; wisdom is fighting through the now with eyes for forever.

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