Myths Debunked

I had toyed with writing a blog post about the myths swirling around Ted Cruz, for having encountered many fans of other candidates, I noticed a serious uptick in false information. Noisyroom has beat me to the punch, however, and God bless them for it. They have a fantastic article up that decapitates every Cruz myth out there.

It’s sad that this needs to be done, but not everyone who campaigns for a Republican candidate is committed to the truth. There’s some evidence that The Conservative Treehouse is run by an ex-Hillary supporter, and so he has no real idea about what conservatism is and why the principles matter. Apparently he is still wed to the idea of war is deceit.

I have seen other sites similarly turn in a cultish direction, screaming out their allegiance to a man without a moral center, such as Yes I’m Right, and I Own The World Report (the latter is especially disappointing). Even the once-reliable Canadian Free Press is running such articles without foundations.

This is a time of sifting. It will expose those who want a strongman of their choosing at the the top of the redistribution system and those who want a public servant as president of a republic.

The adoration of power for the sake of power is a sinkhole. Principles and adherence to them are one of a few reliable guides we have for choosing our representatives; those who decry them (or even more shallowly, decry labels themselves) are making the case for dictatorship. We have seen what happens when people faint over a man who described himself as a “blank slate”. Character matters now more than ever.

Beware those who wish to erase labels. They make war on language and truth.

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